Village Tago Cable Way in Ajara

Village Tago Cable Way in Ajara

A cable-car adventure lies in the tiny Ajarian mountain village of Tago – a ride of 1720 meters, way above hillsides and gorges at a breath-taking 350 meters. Europe’s second longest free-span cable way, this travels seven kilometres from Tago to Khulo. While built in 1985 to connect the villagers to the outside world, tourists are welcome!

A village of 70 families, Tago grows organic fruit and vegetables which it needs to sell to earn a living and the cable car is the route to market. 

Amidst hills ideal for hiking and wild camping, Tago also offers summer visitors homestays and small hostels. And there is a restaurant, with dishes made from local cheeses and vegetables.  

To reach Tago, you can drive the 85 km from Batumi to Khulo in two and a half hours on a comfortable asphalted road. Or you can order a taxi, take a local minibus, or even cycle.  

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