Khulo – Outstanding Nature and Historical & Cultural Monuments

The area of today's Khulo Municipality has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and acquired the name due to its vital role as a trading post. In ancient times, this settlement was called Khula, which meant "trading house". Located 85 kilometres from Batumi, its long history is represented by a number of fascinating historic monuments.
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Sights in Khulo

Due to its vital role as a trading post in ages past, Khulo Municipality is the proud home of such monuments as the beautiful 12th-century Skhalta Monastery, the 11th-century Tsikhiskeli-Vartsikhe Complex, the 12th-century Khikhani Fortress, and the 11th-century Uchkho Bridge.

More contemporary sights include the Alpine Botanical Garden and the Sherip Khimshiashvili Museum.


One of the most visited and fascinating sights in Khulo Municipality is Green Lake, located 2058 meters above sea level and named for its startling colour.

The Shuamta Lakes, with their great view of Khikhani Fortress, are also worth a visit, as are the twin Bako Waterfalls.

An especially unique destination is the Goderdzi Fossil Forest at the southern foot of Goderdzi Pass. What was once a tropical forest was forever preserved when a massive volcanic eruption covered it in ash, making it possible to see the fossilised palms, magnolias, and other trees that once teamed with life. The 365-hectare petrified forest has been granted the status of a natural monument.

Ajarian Cuisine

Of course, no visit to Ajara would be complete without sampling the local cuisine, and the region is especially famous for its dairy products. These include fondue-like borano, baked-in pastry layers with curds - sinori, creamy kaimaghi and many other local delicacies, all enjoyed with the stunning views and warm hospitality that are the region’s trademark.

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