"Fest I Nova" - Modern Art Festival

"Fest I Nova" is an international contemporary art festival named after the Zdanevich brothers, which aims to promote progressive art processes, and has been held in Georgia annually since 2009, attracting artists from various countries.
Shida Kartli

Among the standout participants have been ICY AND SOT (Iran), Luca Lazarashvili (USA), Iza Tarasevich (Poland), Gela Patiashvili (France), Katya Margolis (Italy), Olga and Alexander Florensky (Russia), and Juliette George (France).

The brothers Kirile and Ilia Zdanevich, whose name the festival is associated with, were foremost supporters of Tbilisi art in the 19th century; it was in their Tbilisi home that many innovative ideas were born, and where modern Georgian art began.

The festival is held at "Art-villa Garikula," the first regional center of modern art, which was established in 2000 based on the idea of the German art school, the legendary Bauhaus.

"Art-villa Garikula" is located 60 km from Tbilisi, in a palace built in 1885. The idea of turning this beautiful building surrounded by fruit trees and vineyards into an art villa came from Tbilisi-based artist Karaman Kutateladze.

The art-villa is a multifunctional arts center with an educational dimension, and an exhibition space where more than 300 works of modern art are exhibited. Moreover, it implements cultural projects at regional, national, and international levels, promotes the works of Georgian artists and supports their entry into the international arena.

The most important element of the art-villa concept is "Fest I Nova," which allows you to live in an environment full of art for several days and get to know both the works of artists from different countries and international art trends.

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