Fishing at Bughdasheni Lake

Bughdasheni Lake is in Ninotsminda Municipality in Samtskhe-Javakheti, 2,040 meters above sea level. It is situated within Khanchali Lake Managed Reserve. Its GPS coordinates are 390197 – 4561898.

Characteristics of the Lake

The surface area of Bughdasheni Lake is 0.39 km2, with a maximum depth of 0.85 meters. The water temperature is 9°C.

This lake, of volcanic origin and with a low water level, is fed by snow, rain, and underground waters. The lake is frozen over for five months in the winter.

A significant portion of the lake water is covered in vegetation, and the southern part is in the process of turning into a march.

Species of Fish

Sport and amateur fishing are allowed at Bughdasheni Lake, where trout, spirlin, and crucian carp live.

Fishing at the lakes under the authority of the administration of the Javakheti Protected Territory is regulated in accordance with Order N423 of 31 December 2013, “On the Adoption of Technical Regulations for Fishing and Maintaining Fish Stocks”.

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