Fishing at Kartsakhi Lake

Kartsakhi Lake is in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region, Akhalkalaki Municipality, 1,798 meters above sea level. The northeastern part of the lake is in Georgia, while the southwestern part is in Turkey.

Characteristics of the Lake

The surface area of Kartsakhi Lake is 26.3 km², the water is saline and the maximum depth is 1 meter.

The lake is fed by snow, rain and groundwater. The water level reaches its maximum in June. From December to the end of March, the lake is covered with ice.

The lake is a part of the much larger, Javakheti Protected Areas and carries the status of Kartsakhi Swamp Managed Reserve.

Species of Fish

Currently, there are carp, crucian carp, and European whitefish living in Kartsakhi Lake.

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