Fortress Modinakhe

Fortress Modinakhe

This magnificent fortress was built by the local nobleman Papuna Tsereteli himself, after his future father-in-law complained that the future son-in-law did not have a fortress. He built one and proudly told the father of his fiancee: "Come and see my fortress." Hence, the name Modinakhe (come and see).

At 700 meters above sea level, the fortress is located in Imereti Region, Sachkhere Municipality, on a chalk limestone ridge. Two roads led to the fortress. It had two long walls, one ended with a high tower, and the other end of the wall was fortified by two towers. There was a house in the middle of the fortress, along with a chapel and a dungeon under it. A cellar was built in the yard and of course, the winemaking vessels, qvevris, were buried in the ground. 

After the uprising of 1810, the Russians, thanks to traitors, occupied a strategically located fortress and placed their garrison there. After that, the fortress lost its strategic importance.

As a result of the archaeological excavations of the fort, various samples of both the early and late Bronze Age have been discovered. Traces of early and late antique settlements, weapons and remains of the floor were also found.


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