Gagi Fortress - a landmark of the Marneuli municipality.

Gagi Fortress - a landmark of the Marneuli municipality.

The Gagi fortress in Kvemo Kartli Region, sits on the banks of the Debeda river. It once stood on an overgrown hill on a vast plain and was a strong outpost on the southern border of the country.
Kvemo Kartli

History of Gagi Fortress

Records about the fortress were first found in the 11th century. According to the Armenian historian Vardan (XIII century), it was built by the king of Ani Kingdom, Gagik I, in the 10th century. As a result of archaeological excavations, it was established that the building was built earlier, and King Gagik restored it, hence its name.

Significance of Gagi Fortress in the history of Georgia

The fortress, built on the trade route, took the first hard blow during the war and defended the capital Tbilisi from the south.

Due to the systematic invasions of the Turkish troops, the fortress was weakened in the 15th century and began to be called Aghjakala (White Fortress). The interiors also notably changed, expressed by the light color of the walls and a different arrangement.

Unfortunately, today only the ruins of the fortress remain, although the view from it is still majestic.


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