Ghliana Cave Natural Monument

Ghliana Cave Natural Monument

Ghliana is one of the most beautiful karst caves in Imereti. It is located in the Tskhaltubo municipality, near the village of Kumistavi, in the basin of the Kumi River.

Ghliana Cave is located 700 meters away from the Prometheus Cave and has two entrances. An underground river 7 meters wide flows out of the first one and connects with the waters of the Kumi River. 40 meters from the first entrance there is another one, already dry.

A colony of bats lives in its corridors. At the end of the cave, the ceiling gradually lowers and it becomes more difficult to move around.

Near the cave there is a siphon lake 50 meters long, which continues with a water corridor. The water depth here reaches from one and a half to two meters.

Please note that for a trip to the cave, it is mandatory to obtain permission from the administration of Imereti Caves Protected Areas.

There is no tourist infrastructure in the cave.

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