Giorgi and Davit Eristavi House-Museum

Giorgi and Davit Eristavi House-Museum

Giorgi Eristavi was a man of many talents. The famous 19th-century playwright, poet, public figure, actor, and translator achieved many great things in his lifetime, including building the Georgian theatre and founding the first Georgian magazine, “Tsiskari”. His son, Davit Eristavi, was also a well-known journalist and translator. Both men lived and worked in the small village of Odzisi in the Mtskehta-Mtianeti region, where you’ll find a fascinating house museum dedicated to their extraordinary lives.

Who were the Ancestors of Giorgi and Davit Eristavi?

Giorgi Eristavi belonged to the Ksani Eristavi noble family line. His ancestors first lived in the Ksani Eristavi residence in Akhalgori, and later moved to Odzisi.

The house museum is located within the very same home that the Eristavis built in the 19th century, and was founded in 1958.

The Architecture of the Eristavi House Museum

The building, made of crushed stones and square bricks, is three stories tall and has an ornate balcony. The wine cellar and the first floor were probably built in the 16th and 17th centuries by Giorgi Eristavi’s father, Davit Eristavi, son of Rostom, while the second and third were built in the 18th and 19th centuries. The museum is encompassed by a lovely yard.

The museum contains memorial collections for Davit and Giorgi Eristavi, their everyday items, and photographic and documentary materials.


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