Gobroneti Waterfall

The beautiful village of Gobroneti is located just 55 kilometres away from Batumi. Nestled high among the mountains, Gobroneti is known for its 20-meter waterfall, fabulous hiking trails, and rich flora. 

The Gobroneti hiking route begins in the center of the village and veers north. It is a total of 12.5 kilometers and it includes a waterfall, a forest covered with Colchic plants, and the ​​Latevri mountain area. 

On the way, you can admire the lush vegetation of the Acharistskali valley, forests, and tracks of wild animals. Climb the mountain at the end of the first 6-kilometer trail and you will end up near a tall waterfall!

The adventure doesn’t end there. After visiting the Gobroneti waterfall, the road takes you to Latevri mountain, a fantastic spot of genuine Ajarian hospitality. Here you can learn about local farming traditions, listen to Ajarian polyphonic songs, try organic dairy products or simply quench your thirst after the hike with cold spring water.  

In addition to visiting the Gobroneti waterfall and taking the circular hiking trail, it is worth visiting the village and getting to know the local customs. Here you have the opportunity to take part in Georgian cheese making, tobacco cutting, and vodka distilling. For other adventures, pack your backpack and continue on your way to discover more natural treasures hidden in the highlands of Adjara. 


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