Goderdzi Petrified Forest Natural Monument

Goderdzi Petrified Forest Natural Monument

The Goderdzi pass is home to petrified palm leaves, camphor trees, laurels, such as those found in Japan and the Canary Islands, anf fern species that thrive only in India and South China now.

Goderdzi Petrified Forest Natural Monument, also known as "Fossil Forest", is located in the districts of Adigeni and Khulo, at 1,600-2,100 meters above sea level.

Tropical and subtropical plants, covered in ash from a volcanic eruption of the 10th-15th centuries, confirm the fact the area that is now a subalpine zone, once had a warm climate and a lot of rain. 

In the petrified forest, there are about 90 species of heat-loving deciduous plants including palm trees, magnolias, ferns, fig trees, oaks, and willows. Today they have only preserved their shape and texture, otherwise, they have been completely replaced by opal, chalcedony, and quartz.

The 365-hectare territory is completely mineralized, and the trees are opalized, which is a rare phenomenon.

Goderdzi Petrified Forest Natural Monument is a monument of international importance and is considered one of the rarest wonders of nature.

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