Jacob Gogebashvili State Puppet Theatre

Jacob Gogebashvili State Puppet Theatre

The art of puppetry has a long history in Georgia. In ancient times, puppets served an occult or religious purpose, gradually developing into an artform in its own right. The Kutaisi State Puppet Theatre, located at St. Nino Street 9, houses a number of outstanding examples of ancient puppets.

The History of the Theatre

The Kutaisi Puppet Theatre celebrates its 75th season in 2022, and hosts more than 300 shows each and every year.

The first play to be performed at the theatre, back in 1946, was The White Pup by the Georgian playwright, Akaki Beliashvili. The director, Sergo Tsagareishvili, was one of the sponsors responsible for the founding of the theatre.

The building in which the theatre is located is a historical one. It was built in 1890 and underwent a full rehabilitation in 2020. It is equipped with modern sound and lighting equipment, along with a stage, hall, and green rooms meeting modern standards. As of today, there are ten puppet shows in the current repertoire of the Kutaisi Puppet Theatre.


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