Gori, Stalin Avenue N16

Gori, Stalin Avenue N16

The so-called “Stalin style” was prevalent in the Soviet Union, whereby more-or-less identical buildings were constructed across the fifteen Soviet republics. However, even among this grey and gloomy architecture, examples of progressive and creative elements could be found.
Shida Kartli

History of the Building 

Among these buildings, a prominent case is the administrative building in Gori, which was constructed in 1952 on the large central square of the city, in accordance with the designs of architects M. Shavishvili (1894-1958) and Z. Tskitishvili.   

The Architecture of the Building

The building extends across almost the whole square, ensuring its dominance over the whole town center. Moreover, the symmetry of its long windows and high columns, as well as its glass dome all help to amplify its prominence.  

The architects worked meticulously to create a true example of successful synthesis of classical and modern styles by placing a glass dome inside a metal constructive frame.   

The Building Today

Today, the building hosts Gori municipality including its all agencies, departments, and sections.

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