Grakliani Hill

Between the villages of Igoeti and Samtavisi in Shida Kartli, you will find the archaeological monument of Grakliani Hill (Graklianis Gora) which is a marker of the 3,000-year history of the development of this region.
Shida Kartli

What Makes Grakliani Hill Unique?

Discovered in 2008 during construction of a new highway, this ancient settlement dates back as far as the 2nd or 1st millennium BCE, but some discoveries appear to be even older than that. An inscription in an unknown script has been identified on one of the pedestals.

This inscription is the oldest inscription found in Georgia and is yet more evidence supporting the belief that Georgia has had a culture of writing for 2,700+ years. According to a lab in Miami, the inscription dates back to the 9th or 10th centuries BCE.

Another notable find among the artifacts there are the ancient miniature Qvevris and jars.

Here are special pavilions equipped for visitors, where you can see a very interesting part of the ancient settlement that was discovered during the excavations.

According to a resolution of the Georgian government on March 19th, 2015, the Grakliani monument has been granted the status of an Immovable Cultural Monument of National Significance.

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