Great Synagogue

Great Synagogue

The Jewish diaspora in multicultural Georgia is one of the oldest in the world. According to historical sources, Jews settled in Tbilisi immediately after the city was founded where they built a synagogue. Today, there are two active synagogues in Tbilisi. The larger of the two, Sephardic synagogue is located on Kote Abkhazi Street and was built in 1910.

Structure of the Great Synagogue 

The red-brick, two-story building of the Great Synagogue faces Jerusalem (south) according to Jewish tradition.

In 2009, the building was reconstructed. The restored synagogue consists of prayer and celebration halls, as well as the traditional women's gallery.

In the center of the prayer hall is the "Teba" where the praying rabbi stands during prayer, and on the opposite side of the entrance is the almost-150-year-old Aron-Hakodesh, the place where the Torah  is kept.

The Great Synagogue of Tbilisi is a notable tourist attraction with about 1000 visitors per day.

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