In Khevsureti, hiking is a journey into the past, in an environment where ancient traditions, customs, and rituals are still alive today. 

Gudani Village

The majority of the customs of Khevsurs were “born” in Gudani village in southern park of Khevsureti Region. The clothing of the Khevsurs, their equipment, their customary law, and holidays mostly originate from Gudani. The most important place of worship in Khevsureti is the Gudani Cross, which was the religious center of all of Khevsureti. For centuries, difficult national cases would be discussed there, and debates would go on about whether to keep or change judicial norms. 

Gudani village is 75 kilometers away from Dusheti city, 1,720 meters above sea level. The route from Gudani to Roshka village is one of the shortest, and most impressive one. Take an 11-kilometer dirt road from Gudani to Ukankhadu village, 2,000 kilometers above sea level, and from there, continue on foot. 

The 11 km long dirt road between Gudani and Ukhankhadu villages should be covered by an off-road car.

The hiking route starts at Ukankhadu, slowly attains greater difficulty and in about five kilometers you reach Tanie Pass, at 3040 meters above sea level. Tanie pass is on the main range of the Caucasus Mountains and is considered one of the most difficult hiking areas in Georgia. From the pass, there is an amazing view of southern Khevsureti and the Khevsureti Aragvi River.

Roshka Village

From the Tanie Pass, the route continues along the ridge to the west and in about 10 kilometers arrives at Boghovacho (Arkhoti) Pass, from where it follows a dirt road leading to the village of Roshka, at 2000 meters above sea level.

Covering the distance from Bogovacho Pass to Roshka is recommended by an off-road car.

Gudani - Roshka trail is of difficult category and it’s recommended to hike the tour together with an experienced, certified guide.

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