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Gudani-Ukankhadu-Tanie Lake

Khevsureti is a fantastic region in Georgia, located on the northern and southern slopes of the main watershed range of the eastern Caucasus Mountains. Khevsureti attracts outdoor lovers with its untouched nature, adventure, hiking routes, and ancient rituals. The Gudani-Ukankhadu-Tanie Lake route is an exciting hike that takes just one day. Keep in mind that the route is close to the border of Ingushetia and you will have to register in Barisakho in Dusheti, or Tbilisi in advance. 

Gudani Village

The route starts in Gudani village, 1,720 meters above sea level, and is the foundation of Khevsureti. It is there that the current-day traditions, clothing, and customs of Khevsureti were created. You absolutely must see the main place of worship in that village, Gudani Cross, which is dedicated to the god of hiking.

Ukankhadu Village

From Gudani, take a dirt road past a few nearly empty villages – Batsaligo and Atabe – and arrive at Ukankhadu village. The road ends and the intermediate walking path begins. After about five kilometers, it turns into a difficult path. Soon after, you reach a pass around 2,000 meters above sea level.

Tanie Lake

From Ukankhadu,  take the path up to Tanie Pass, 3,999 meters above sea level, which is considered to be one of the most difficult hiking areas in Georgia. The path is overgrown in some places due to the small number of hikers that pass through. There are incredible views of southern Khevsureti and the Khevsureti Aragvi River valley.

At the intersection, do not take the ridge side, instead, cross through the pass and take it downward. The path leads to the heart-shaped Tanie Lake, between two massive mountains, 2,232 meters above sea level. Make camp near the lake at the end of the 12-kilometer route.

From Tanie Lake, follow the path to Arkhoti, about seven to eight kilometers away, and then take a car to Barisakho.  

The best time to hike this route is from the end of June to the end of September.

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