Holy Trinity Cathedral

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Tbilisi's iconic church, the Holy Trinity Cathedral sits atop Elia Mountain in the heart of the city. Its impressive dome and golden cross are visible from almost every point in the city center.

The brainchild of Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II, the cathedral was built with the intention of not only commemorating the 2,000th anniversary of Christ’s birth, but also the 1,500th anniversary of the foundation of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Funded by donations from the Georgian people, the construction began in 1996 and was completed in 2004. 

A project celebrating Georgian unity, it was fulfilled by a Georgian architect, Archil Mindiashvili. His design of the cathedral is quite complex. It is a combination of both underground and above-ground sections that bring together nine separate churches: the Church of the Archangels, of John the Baptist, of Saint Nino, of Saint Andrew the First-Called, of the Annunciation, of Saint George, of Saint Nicholas, and of the Holy Apostles.

At a height of 86.1 meters (including its cross) and an area of more than 5,000 square meters, the Holy Trinity Cathedral’s grandeur is not measured only in its size, but by the sublime beauty of its architecture.

The interior is decorated with limestone from Georgia, marble from Italy, Egypt and Greece, while its floors are of Chinese and Indian granite.

Holy Trinity Cathedral is a shining example of religious architecture and a must-see for those interested in the ways in which the divine can inspire artists and the common people alike.

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