Jortsku Cave Natural Monument

Jortsku Cave Natural Monument

Cave tourism is an increasingly popular kind of travel, and Georgia is an exceptional place for it, due to the many caves and cave networks that honeycomb this ancient land. Jortsku Cave, near the village of Meore Balda in Martvili, is famed for its massive stalactites, and is a must-see for lovers of speleotourism.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

What Makes Jortsku Cave Unique?

Jortsku is a karst cave famous for its massive stalactites, as well as the archaeological evidence of both human and animal inhabitation in the past. The bones of cave bears, lynxes, wild cattle, and other animals have been discovered within the cave.

The cave has two layers and covers a total area of 0.08 hectares.  The broad entrance is 4-5 metres wide and continues through a 3-5-metre passageway.

Jortsku Cave’s maximum length is 276 metres. The area where the enormous stalactites hang is ten metres deep and six metres wide.

The closest city is Martvili, where you can spend the night and relax in one of its hotels.


Please note that for a trip to the cave, you must be accompanied by a certified guide and have special equipment.

There is no tourist infrastructure in the cave.

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