Jurkha Nadiradze Sachkhere Local Museum

Gold objects, a stone stele with human figures, ancient textiles, an early printed gospel, a sant’s prayer book… This is just a short list of what you can find at the Sachkhere Local Museum.

If you’re interested in antiquities, then you’ll need to pay a visit to this museum. Located in Skhvitori Village in Sachkhere, Imereti, this museum is the perfect slice of history. 

Named after the famous Georgian archaeologist Jurkha Nadiradze, the museum was opened in 1978 in the garden of the great Georgian writer, poet, and public figure, Akaki Tseretli’s mother, Ekaterine Abashidze. The museum also contains historic buildings, including a house, a wine cellar, and a grain silo. 

There are over 10,500 artifacts in the museum, including gold objects found during archaeological digs. Other notable items include bronze axes, spearheads, and a stone stele with human figures dating back to the 3rd millennium BCE. 

While here you can also see the prayer book donated to the Chikha Trinity Church by Saint Dositheus, a gospel printed in the royal printing house in Imereti in 1825, and ancient clay vessels.

In the neighboring village of Skhvitori you can also visit a memorial museum of famous Georgian poet and public figure - Akaki Tsereteli.


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