Kakhisi Lake - Hiking Destination in Borjomi Valley

Kakhisi Lake - Hiking Destination in Borjomi Valley

Surrounded by a beautiful spruce forest, you will find abundant picnic and camping areas by Kakhisi Lake, located in the beautiful Borjomi Valley, near the village of Chobiskhevi, at 1752 m above sea level.

Nature of Kakhisi Lake

Kakhisi Lake is quite popular among hikers, and the hiking season here starts at the end of spring and lasts until early fall. The area of the lake is 0.05 km², which is fed by snow, rain, and underground waters. Kakhisi Lake is almost transparent. If you take a tent and spend the night by a campfire, in the morning you can swim in the warm water and ride horses in the afternoon.

Two kilometers from the lake is the beautiful small settlement - Dabadzveli, where from May to November local families come and encourage guests to try natural products. You will also find cold springs around to cool down in summer, while you can also pick blackberries, raspberries, and other berries by hand.

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