Kalalish Lake - Blue-eyed Lake

Kalalish Lake - Blue-eyed Lake

This small, heart-shaped, blue lake is so embedded in the thick alpine meadow that it looks like a piece of jewelry.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Kalalish Lake is located in the municipality of Chkhorotsku in Samegrelo, on Egrisi Ridge, at 2,490 meters above sea level, next to the lake Didi (Great) Tobavarchkhili.

In general, the lakes of the Egrisi Range are known for their beauty and challenging hiking routes leading to them. Before you reach the lakes, various gifts of nature greet you on the way such as caves, mineral waters, glacial waterfalls, and mossy massifs.

When in the western region of Samegrelo, you can hike to the lakes of the Egrisi Range and, in particular, to Kalalish Lake, starting from the village of Mukhuri or from Skuri Resort.

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