Kayaking on the Abashistskali River

The kayaking route on the Abashistskali River consists of one section.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti


The difficulty rating of the sections is 1-2 (easy).

Location and route

The route starts in the village of Meore Balda, located in Martvil Municipality, 300 meters above sea level, in the Samegrelo Region. Meore Balda is known for the Balda Canyon, a natural monument, which is 1400 m long, 5-10 m wide, and 25-30 m in depth.

The kayaking route is 2.5 km in length and has a vertical drop of 40 m.


The Abashistskali River originates at an altitude of 1600 meters, at the confluence of the Toba and Rachkhistskali rivers and finally joins the Tekhura River. The Abashistskali River is 69 km in length and is fed by snow, rain, and underground waters. 


Kayaking on the Abashistskali River is possible all year round. The recommended period is May-June.

How to get to the starting point

Meore Balda is 10 km far from the city of Martvili and to reach the starting point you will need an SUV.


You must be experienced in order to take a kayak down the river.

It is advised to either kayak with a local kayaker or at least get information from such a person before your trip. To book a tour, contact a local company in advance.

The minimum age for kayaking is 18 years.

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