Kayaking on the Kintrishi

The kayaking route on the Kintrishi River consists of two sections.


The difficulty rating of the sections ranges between 2 and 4+. 


The village of Kobalauri, where the route starts, is located in Ajara, in Kobuleti Municipality. The route goes through Kintrishi National Park. 


Kintrishi River starts on the northwestern slopes of Meskheti Ridge, 2,599 meters above sea level. The river is 45 kilometers long and flows into the Black Sea. 


The first section starts six kilometers far from the village of Kobalauri, 314 meters above sea level, and finishes at the village of Kobalauri, 236 meters above sea level. The length of the first section is 6 km, with a drop in elevation of 78 meters, and a difficulty rating ranging between 4 and 4+ (difficult, high, and irregular waves, rocks, and whirlpools, transparent, but narrow exits). 

The second section starts at Kintrishi hydroelectric station, 246 meters above sea level, and continues until the village of Kokhi, 86 meters above sea level. 

The length of the second section is 8 kilometers, with a drop in elevation of 160 meters, and its difficulty rating ranges between 2 and 3+ (average difficulty, numerous regular waves, open and bright exits, medium speed of water). 


You can kayak on Kintrishi River during the following periods: 

First section: from the end of April to the beginning of June, and from October to the beginning of November. 

Second section: April to June, and from the end of September to the beginning of November.

How to get to the starting point

The village of Kobalauri is 22 kilometers far from the town of Kobuleti. You will need an SUV to get to the starting point. 


To go kayaking on this route, previous experience is required. 

It is recommended that you be accompanied with an experienced local kayaker or at least obtain all required information from such a person. To reserve your trip, please contact a local company in advance. 

The minimum age for kayaking is 18 years.

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