Kelitsadi Lake

Kelitsadi Lake

Kazbegi Municipality is an immensely popular tourist attraction, famed for its beautiful wilderness and its unique cultural monuments. Lovers of breathtaking landscapes are sure to be attracted to Kelitsadi Lake, nestled within the Keli Lake Highlands at 3,081 metres above sea level.

The Nature at Kelitsadi Lake

This crescent-shaped lake is watched over by Sherkhota Peak, whose volcanic slopes are covered with scattered red rocks.

In the summer months, especially in August and September, the lake is at its maximum water level. Due to its remarkably clean and warm waters, it is even possible to swim in this gorgeous lake at this time.

For most of the year, however, the lake is frozen over. This means that there are no fish to be found in the lake.

How Do You Get to Kelitsadi Lake?

Due to its proximity to the de-facto border with the occupied territory of Tskhinvali Region (South Ossetia), it is only possible to reach Kelitsadi Lake on foot. 

A number of hiking trails lead to Kelitsadi Lake from the Truso Valley, passing over the Khorisari Plateau with its beautiful fields and camping sites. 

Along the way, you’ll pass through Khorisari Pass, which reaches a height of 3,550 metres above sea level and is one of the most difficult passes in all of Georgia.

If you were to climb the peak of Khorisari Mountain (3,756 metres), you’d also be afforded an unmatched view of Gudauri, the Kazbegi and Sherkhoti Peaks, and Kelitsadi Lake.

Please have your ID with you, as in the end of Truso Valley, there is border patrol that might ask to check your documents.

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