Khanchali Lake

Khanchali Lake is located in Ninotsminda municipality in Samtskhe-Javakheti region, 1,928 meters above sea level, and is the central feature of Khanchali Lake Managed Reserve.

Features of the Lake

The surface area of Khanchali Lake is 13.3 km2, with a maximum depth of 0.8 meters. It is fed by snow, rain, and underground waters. The water level peaks at the end of spring, while around 10 small tributaries flow into the lake from the south and southeast. 

Species of Fish

Fishing of various kinds is allowed on Khanchali Lake.

Lake trout, Caucasian shad, Mtkvari barbel, Crucian carp, European whitefish, and carp are all common to the lake, among other fish.

Fishing here is regulated by the administration of the Javakheti Protected Area in accordance with Order N423 of 31 December 2013 “On the Adoption of Technical Regulations for Fishing and Maintaining Fish Stocks.”


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