History of Georgia

Khertvisi fortress

Owing to the nation’s turbulent history on the edge of the empires, many of the defensive buildings within Georgia are centuries old, meaning you’ll be able to find outstanding monuments in every city, town, and village. One particularly well-preserved example of this is the 10th-century Khertvisi Fortress, near the village that shares its name.

Where is Khertvisi Fortress Located?

Located close to the village of Khertvisi, the fortress itself is built on a rocky cape in a deep valley, close to the mouths of the Paravani and Mtkvari Rivers. 

The fortress appears as if it grows out of the cliff, as it is difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins.

The Structure of Khertvisi Fortress

The fortress is composed of a citadel and the strong and imposing walls that surround it. 

The interior of the fortress is divided into sections, with a small hall-type church and the remains of other buildings within. In the past, the fortress was supplied with river water brought from a tunnel to the northwest. 

Khertvisi was not just a fortress. There also used to be a residence for feudal lords here. Because Khertvisi has had many owners throughout the centuries (both high-class Georgians and foreign conquerors), the fortress has been renovated many times, with each owner making their own changes.

Khertvisi Fortress Today

Nowadays, you can easily get to the historical Khertvisi fortress using a footpath from the village, with all the necessary infrastructure for visitors available.

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