Today, there are countless different ways to entertain yourself and relax, and electronic music is among the most popular. In this regard, Georgia has established itself as an outstanding location globally, where famous representatives of the techno scene and devotees of electronic music gather every weekend. Today, underground culture lovers have a wide choice of Georgian clubs or festivals to attend. However, not long ago, there were only a few pioneering clubs in the country, one of which was (and still is) "KHIDI," founded in 2016.

What Does the Underground Club "KHIDI" Offer?

This mysterious place under Vakhushti Bagrationi Bridge is an important part of the Georgian electronic music scene, where every Friday and Saturday, local artists, together with foreign artists, play music with a unique sound and concept. The club has two different stages - "KHIDI" and "G2" - giving club-goers different tastes to choose from. On “KHIDI” stage, you can listen to DJs and producers such as Regal, Ancient Methods, Inigo Kennedy, Phase Fatale, Pablo Bozzi, Luke Slater, Volvox, James Ruskin, Tensalofficial, Matrixxman, and many others. Meanwhile, on "G2," together with foreign artists, beginner Georgian DJs are often given the opportunity to perform in front of a wide audience.

Residents of the club are Ancient Methods, Oscar Mulero, Pablo Bozzi, Phase Fatale, Regal, and Unhuman, as well as Georgian artists Boyd Schidt, Liza Rivs, Neux, Yanamaste, OTHR, Vulkanski, Saphileaum, and Frequency Shifter.

KHIDI also promotes VJing culture, whereby moving images and video art complement club nights and other special events. The new technologies available in the club allow musical nights to be decorated with a backdrop of video art. The project aims to support people who are passionate about visual arts and to give them an opportunity to present their works in an engaging format.

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