Khomuli Cave Natural Monument

Khomuli Cave Natural Monument

More than 600 karst caves have been discovered on the territory of Georgia, one of which is located near the village of Khomuli, Tskhaltubo municipality, in Imereti. Khomuli Cave is considered one of the most beautiful, and you can travel through it without special equipment.

What Will You See in Khomuli Cave?

Khomuli Cave is located at an altitude of 160 meters above sea level, and its area is 1370 square meters. At the entrance to the cave there is a lake five meters deep, which, thanks to underground currents, is connected to the Tskaltubo reservoir.

A four-meter step divides this small cave into two halls. In a wide hall, with karst funnels, you can stand up to your full height, and in a narrow one, movement is possible only by crawling. At the end of the second part there is a small lake. An underground river flows under the bottom of the cave, which rises to the surface after a kilometer and merges with Gubistskali river.

The Living Creatures of Khomuli Cave

The dynamic climate in Khomuli Cave, with the temperature never reaching higher than 13 or 14 degrees, allows bats, spiders, and other many-legged creatures to live there. The remains of extinct animals have also been found here, including the skull of a bear.

In the past, Khomuli Cave was not only used as a shelter but also as living quarters, as shown by recently discovered pottery shards.

Please note that for a trip to the cave, it is mandatory to obtain permission from the administration of Imereti Caves Protected Areas.

There is no tourist infrastructure in the cave.

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