Long history of little rocks of Khotevi Archangel Church

Long history of little rocks of Khotevi Archangel Church

Amrbolauri Municipality is in Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti area, and is distinguished with beautiful nature and variety of cultural monuments, which are major attraction for tourists. On the way from Nikortsminda to Amrbolauri you will see small historic village of Khotevi.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

History of Khotevi Archangel Church

In the XI century, the village was an important strategic area, what is confirmed by XVIII century Khotevi fortress remains. Across from the fortress there is an Archangel church, which was built in Khotevi in medieval, and related to the Duke Tsulukidze’s name.

 Khotevi Archangel Church Frescos

Initially, the church was built with process stone and did not have a dome. While interior of the church was fully painted with frescos. Information on these frescos can also be found in the works of famous scientists Mari Brose. According to her works, church frescos included portraits of Merab Tsulukidze, his wife- Marekhi, Datuna Tsulukidze and Loladze. As time went by, the church frescos got damaged, and during the soviet period were fully destroyed and the stones were used for building the local school.

Later, the buiding has been restored and Currently, Khotevi Archangel Church is operational and falls under the governance of Nikortsminda eparchy.

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