Khrami Gorge - Natural Monument in Eastern Georgia

Khrami Gorge - Natural Monument in Eastern Georgia

Khrami Gorge is a heavenly place for tourists, where a river flows gently between the rocks, and where beautiful canyons, mystical caves, and ancient churches can all be enjoyed.
Kvemo Kartli

Khrami Gorge is located in eastern Georgia, specifically in Tetritskaro municipality. Curiously, the river running through the gorge is referred to as Ktsia at its source, while at Tsalka Reserve it is referred to as Khrami. The name Khrami means “a rocky, deep place.” 

The river is mainly sourced from snow and in certain sections its water is used for irrigation purposes. 

The Khrami River also runs through beautiful canyons, namely Tsalka and Samshvilde, each of which serve as markers of the geological development of the region and have educational and scientific tourism centers. 

Khrami Gorge is also of cultural-historic interest as in the vicinity of the village of Dagheti, you will find “Muguti Caves,” a network of 26 caves, most of which belong to the Late Bronze Age. 

One further place of interest along this mesmerizing route is Tsalka Reservoir, which is built on the Khrami River, and is famous for its fishing tournaments.

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