Khuluti Fortress - Towers on the Rocks

Khuluti Fortress - Towers on the Rocks

Khuluti Fortress stands on a rocky hill in the Khrami (Ktsia) River Valley in the Tetritskaro municipality.
Kvemo Kartli

The fortress was built by the local feudal lord Kaplan Orbeliani in the first half of the 17th century in the vicinity of Pitareti Monastery. The fortress consists of five towers, each of them serving both residential and combat purposes. The towers have several floors, with every floor having its own fireplace and utility room. Meanwhile, stone cutters would have been located on the upper floors of each tower.

The fortress can be accessed through several gates and a secret tunnel that climbs steeply up the river valley.

In the inner yard of the fortress, there is a two-story residential house, a small reservoir, and the remains of other auxiliary buildings. To the east and southeast, relatively small battle towers have been preserved.

According to 18th century sources, Khuluti Fortress was a strong and reliable strategic facility, and no one entered the valley unnoticed by the fortress guards. Even today, it proudly overlooks the Khrami River from a great height.

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