Khvamli Church

Khvamli Church

The secret-shrouded Khvamli Mountain is located in the historical province of Lechkhumi in the north-western part of Georgia. Legends, mysteries and truth all mix together when it comes to this location, the purported location of Prometheus’ punishment for sharing a fire with humanity. On a nearby hill stands the Khvamli St. George Church, which is about 800 years old.
Racha-Lechkhumi & Kvemo Svaneti

The History of the Church

The current incarnation of Khvamli St. George Church was built in 1910 over the ruins of the former church. According to an inscription in ancient Georgian script Asomtavruli stamped on a stone and found during the construction of the current church, the original one dates back at least to the 12th century.

This important artifact is now on display at the Kutaisi Historical Museum.

The church is of the hall-type and ends in a five-sided apse on its eastern side. It is mainly made of limestone and travertine and stands on a single-stepped socle. The hall is lit by windows over the altar and to the west. The church has a tin roof.

Every year, on the Saturday eight weeks after Easter, the Khvamloba Holiday is held there, which is attended by many people.

The church stands at the cliff of the mountain, offering unforgettable views over the area.


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