Kinchkha waterfall

Kinchkha Waterfall

The Kinchkha waterfall, also called the Okatse Waterfall, is one of the biggest waterfalls in Georgia.

In the summer, it displays every color on the spectrum. The clear streams of water flowing through the gray cliffs make a natural, emerald-colored pool, surrounded by bright green, rustling trees.

Kinchkha Waterfall is in the village of Kinchkha, in Khoni Municipality, 843 meters above sea level. It is a triple-stage cascade of waterfalls, that originates in the Satsiskvilo River valley. Its first section is 25 meters high, the second is 70 meters high, and the third is 35 meters high. This outstanding natural monument is one of many protected territories of Georgia.

It sits 50 meters from Prometheus Cave and 32 meters from Martvili Canyon, two of the most popular places in western Georgia. Paths and platforms have been set up around the waterfall, allowing you to comfortably and easily view nature around it. 

It’s hard to describe its natural beauty with words. It is something you have to see for yourself!

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