Kldemaghala (Arsena) Fortress – a legendary historical building in Kaspi

Kldemaghala (Arsena) Fortress – a legendary historical building in Kaspi

61 kilometers from Tbilisi, in Kaspi municipality, Kldemaghala Fortress, a late feudal age monument, sits on the right side of the Lekhuri river.
Shida Kartli

Built in the V-VI centuries, Kldemaghala Fortress controlled the entire Lekhuri gorge, blocking the narrow road from the gorge to the north and south.

Although Kldemaghala Fortress is heavily damaged, large parts of the western and southern walls remain, built of grey and yellowish broken stones, as do parts of the roof logs.

On the first floor of the fortress, you can see a tall and narrow window and the remains of niches. On the fourth floor, you will see gun ports – a testament to the region’s conflicted past. 

It is also known as ‘Arsena’s Fortress’, named after the famous Georgian robber Arsena Odzelashvili, who robbed the rich people to help the poor in the Russian Empire. Legend has it that here, on the Kaspi-Igoeti road, Arsena used to lay in wait for mail carts and rich merchants.

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