Kodistskaro Lake

Visitors to Shida Kartli Region will encounter a great many monuments of immense historic and cultural value. Here, you’ll find the remains of both Georgia’s ancient culture and important works of medieval architecture and art. The region is also home to a startling variety of landscapes, including mineral water resorts, alpine meadows, lakes surrounded by greenery, and towering cascades. An excellent example of Shida Kartli’s immense natural beauty is Kodistskaro Lake. A water reservoir nestled between verdant mountains, it is extraordinarily beautiful no matter what time of year you visit.
Shida Kartli

For the more active, it is possible to make the light hike from the lake to the peak of nearby Ghorinamkali Mountain, affording you a stunning view of the surrounding landscape.

The Route from Kodistskaro Lake to Ghorinamkali Mountain

If you’re interested in hiking to Ghorinamkali Mountain as a day trip from Tbilisi, you should first make your way to the village of Tskhramukha, approximately ten kilometres from the town of Khashuri. 

From the village, there is both a footpath and a paved road leading to the lake, with further signs guiding you to the trail to Ghorinamkali’s peak.

What will You See at Kodistskaro Lake?

In the spring, the fields around Kodistskaro Lake are a rainbow of wildflowers, while in the autumn everything turns gold.

The lake itself is an excellent spot for fishing, and you can also find plenty of spots to take a picnic on the shoreline.

For those interested in history, the old Dormition of the Virgin Church is also located nearby.

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