Kolkheti National Park

The stunning natural landscape of the protected Kolkheti National Park is a must-see for tourists, scientists, and adventure lovers.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

What Should You Know about Kolkheti National Park?

Kolkheti National Park is a diverse ecosystem covering 44,000 hectares of area on the eastern shore of the Black Sea and the Paliastomi Lake river basin.

Here the Kolkhetian marshes and lowland forests are protected and preserved, along with the endangered Kolkhetian oak, wing-nut tree, and Kolkhetian box-tree. In the park you’ll also find endangered plantlife, including the ash-tree, Georgian oak, and alder-tree. The park even has two species of plant that are on the verge of extinction – the yellow horned poppy, and the sea daffodil. 

The Fauna of Kolkheti National Park

Aside from the impressive and diverse flora, you may also spot wildlife. Deer, coypu, and otters have been known to show up around the walking paths.

The park is also ranked third in the world for bird migration. You can watch waterfowl here at any time, and there are even a few towers set up for the sole purpose of birdwatching. 194 different species of birds fly through the skies here, of which the ruddy shelduck, the greylag goose, and six species of eagles are under threat of extinction.

At Kolkheti National Park, you have the opportunity to stay overnight in a cottage at the edge of the water. Here you can even cook fish caught by local fishermen over an open flame.

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