Kurzu Village – Ochkhomuri Waterfall

What better reward after a hike than a beautiful waterfall? Ochkhomuri Waterfall, located near Kurzu Village, is a beautiful natural monument in Georgia well worth a 3,3-kilometre hike.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Kurzu Village – Ochkhomuri Waterfall

The hiking trail starts in the village of Kurzu, which is located about 25 kilometers far from the town of Martvili and can be easily reached by car.

As for the village of Kurzu and Ochkhomuri Waterfallm, they are connected by a 3,3-kilometre long, easy trail, that can be traveled by foot or on a horseback. 

Kurzu is located 322 meters above sea level, and the Ochkhomuri waterfall is at 554 meters.

The trail starts in the center of the village and follows a gorge of the Ochkhomuri River. Soon after, the footpath enters the forest and you will get to an iron footbridge to cross the river. After making your way up a slight slope, you will need to cross the river a second time. The second crossing is made without a bridge, but the water level here is low, and may even be completely dry in the summer.

Finally, you will get to the top of the hill and reach a meadow, which is a nice place for a picnic and camping. At this point, you are basically at the foot of the Ochkhomuri waterfall.

From this place the waterfall is within easy reach - just cross the river with large boulders and you will see a beautiful waterfall tumbling down the limestone slopes of Migaria Mountain in three stages.

At the foot of each of these mini-waterfalls, you’ll see a small pool has been carved out by the relentless pressure of the water.

Kick off your shoes, take out your picnic lunch, and enjoy your reward for your perseverance!

When Should You visit Ochkhomuri Waterfall?

The Kurzu Village to Ochkhomuri Waterfall route is best enjoyed between May and the end of November.

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