Kus Tba (Turtle Lake) Zipline

Tbilisi offers visitors a wealth of opportunities for discovery and adventure. In addition to the city’s diverse architecture and centuries-old historic monuments, Tbilisi is also home to the longest zipline in Europe. If you’re looking to see the city from a truly unique perspective, the Kus Tba Zipline is just the ticket!

How Long is the Kus Tba Zipline?

Measuring 1,200 meters in length, with a maximum height of 236 meters, this impressive zipline begins at Kus Tba (so-called Turtle Lake) and ends in Vake Park.

Kus Tba itself is well worth a visit. A natural reservoir and a favorite spot for locals, the lake is beautiful all year round, with swimming and sunbathing especially popular during the hot summer months.

Vake Park is also one of Tbilisi’s most beautiful areas, boasting abundant greenery, cafes, rides, and more.

What You Should Know Before Deciding to Take the Zipline

Getting to Kus Tba is not only easy, but it’s also a picturesque trip in its own right. After taking the cable car or a taxi up to Kus Tba, you can then take the 1.2-kilometer zipline back down!

Reaching speeds of up to sixty kilometers per hour, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled view of Tbilisi as you whizz by high above the city.

Safety is a priority here, of course, with both the start and end towers seismically reinforced. The rope is rated for up to seventeen tonnes, and the zipline is equipped with an American-made brake system, guaranteeing that your descent will be safe. 

One should not have a fear of heights if they are to enjoy the experience fully. 

As for the body weight requirements, one should weigh at least 30 kg and no more than 130 kg. 

On rainy or windy days, the zipline is closed, so be sure to keep your eyes open for a clear, sunny day if you want to undertake this exhilarating ride.

The two parallel lines of the Kus Tba zipline allow two people to descend at once, so you can enjoy the view with a friend, sibling, or partner.

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