Kvareli Fortress

Kvareli Fortress

In the centre of the city of Kvareli in Kakheti Region, you’ll catch sight of a 16th-17th century fortress right off the main street. This structure served the vital purpose of protecting the population of the surrounding villages in times of war, and was of immense strategic value to the region.

The History of Kvareli Fortress

Perhaps the highlight of Kvareli Fortress’ long history is that of the war of 1755, when 20,000 Avar soldiers attacked Kakheti in hopes of seizing the fortress. They had hoped that doing so would “open the doors” to the rest of the country, but the fortress was able to repel the attack and frustrate the Avar khan’s plans thanks to the brilliant strategy and fearless fighting of the Georgian defenders.

The Architecture of Kvareli Fortress

The fortress, made of cobblestones, resembles a square. Georgian bricks were used for the roof and the decoration of the building. The wall of the fortress had three-story towers on each of its four corners, which were used for both military and residential purposes. The north side of the wall had two layers, while the rest had three, coming off of the towers. There were gun-ports in the walls.

Kvareli Fortress is one of the largest fortresses from the late Middle Ages in Kakheti, and when you see it up close you will understand for yourself why taking the fortress was considered the same as conquering the country.

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