Kvetera Fortress - a medieval fortified city in Kakheti

Kvetera Fortress - a medieval fortified city in Kakheti

This ancient fortress city, hidden in the forest, is located on the right bank of the Ilto River, not far from the town of Akhmeta, at the junction of mountains and lowland. One road leads from this junction to Telavi via Akhmeta, and the other leads to Tbilisi via Tianeti. In this strategic location during the 10th-11th centuries, the powerful fortification was built, surrounded on one side by sheer cliffs, on which no human has set foot until today.

Fortress structure

On the territory of the fortress-city, there is an inner fortress, a lower fortress, a fortress wall, a palace, a hall church, and the main attraction, a domed church, light, graceful and cheerful, as architects and art critics describe it.  

During the developed Middle Ages, Kvetera had a thriving agricultural production. The reservoir supplied the entire territory of the fortress city with water through clay pipes in times of peace and during the enemy invasions.   

The buildings and ruins tell us about the former glory and powerful feudal lords of Kvetera, who did not obey the king. 

The beautiful daughter of Eristavi Kolonkelidze from Kvetera became one of the inspirations for the Georgian classic writer, Konstantin Gamsakhurdia to create the novel "The Hand of the Great Master". The main chapter of "The Destiny of Heroes", a novel by the Georgian author Levan Gotua, is also dedicated to Kvetera.

Want to see the source of inspiration with your own eyes? Easy! It’s an hour and a half by car from Kvetera to Tbilisi via Tianeti. 


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