Lakhushdi – Zuruldi – Tsvimri

Georgia is awash with natural beauty, with the mountainous region of Svaneti being particularly special. In addition to its enchanting landscapes, there are extremely important historical and cultural monuments dating back centuries. The single-day Lakhushdi - Zuruldi - Tsvrimi route is especially bountiful, running 18 kilometers, and taking nine hours to complete. The route may be easy, but its sheer length demands plenty of energy. The best time of year to tackle this hike is from July to September.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

The Location of the Route

The route starts in the village of Lakhushdi, a small but densely-populated village within Mestia municipality. The Church of the Savior stands in its center, where metalwork and painted icons from the 12th-13th centuries are kept.

Elsewhere, the Hatsvali cable car shortens the path to Zuruldi Ridge, but a large forest and a long distance remain.

Nature Along the Way

In the alpine zone around the pine forests, a truly magical adventure awaits, as you arrive at Zuruldi Ridge to marvel at a 360-degree panorama. Examining at close quarters the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains, you feel a sense of elevation, standing 2,300 meters above sea level.

The End of the Route

Thereafter, you make your way towards the village of Tsvimri, again heading through the woods. Tetnuldi is visible from here, while the Icon of the Virgin Mary of Iveria Church, which was built between 2015 and 2018, also stands in Tsvimri. 

Family hotels await visitors looking to enjoy some Svan hospitality and cuisine, while this seeking solitude may pitch a tent and camp.

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