Latali – Mkheri

Svaneti promises not only magical nature but also amazing adventures for its visitors. As soon as you reach the region, ancient historical and cultural monuments as well as gorgeous sights spread out widely before your eyes. Here, you will also find the highest place of worship in Europe, which can only be accessed by hiking Mkheri Mountain.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

The Route: Kvanchianari Village – Mkheri Mountain

The road to Mout Mkheri starts in the village of Kvanchianari (Lateli community) and is of moderate difficulty.

It is seven kilometers from the village to Mkheri, with the path leading through a forest zone before the last kilometer in which it enters the alpine zone.

The highest point of Mount Mkheri is 2,490 meters above sea level, and it is here that the highest Orthodox church in Europe is located – the Archangel Church. Its beauty is amplified by the amazing “Ascension” fresco, which dates back to the 14th century.

There is a 360-degree panorama from the mountain, with the peaks of the Caucasus Mountains on the horizon and the villages of Svaneti below.

The best period for hiking there is from July to the end of September, as the heavy snow in winter renders it inaccessible.

What Makes Latali Community Special?

Latali community combines 10 small villages and stands out for its abundance of churches and holy things. Indeed, more than 60 churches were built and painted there in the Middle Ages.

On the last Monday in every July, the traditional festival of Lataloba is celebrated in Latali. In the course of this, a celebratory service is held at church, after which mesmerizing Svan songs are sung for the guests, nourishing Svan dishes are prepared, and an exhibition market of Svan products is held.

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