Lebarde – Didi Toba – Patara Toba – Askhi Massif – Zubi Village

A challenging 75-kilometre hiking trail begins at Lebarde Resort, sees you pass into Lechkhumi by way of the Askhi Limestone Massif, and ends five days later in the village of Zubi.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

Due to its challenging nature, it is recommended that hikers hire a guide to accompany them. The route can be undertaken between July and September.

Lebarde Resort

Your adventure begins in the resort of Lebarde, which is a balneological and climatic resort in Samegrelo Region, whose mineral waters have therapeutic properties. 

The route from Lebarde takes you through both forest and alpine meadows on your way to a pair of lakes. Didi Tobavarchkhili Lake is within 10 km from Lebarde, set at 2,300 meters and in 2 kilometer from it, you will come across Chiche Tobavarchkhili Lake at 2,380 meters.

The area around the lakes makes an ideal spot for camping at the end of your first hiking day.

Askhi Limestone Massif

The next stop on your hike is the Askhi Limestone Massif, which acts as the border between Samegrelo and Lechkhumi regions. Along the way to the massif, you’ll find shepherds’ summer huts, where you might be able to spend the night inside.

The plateau is 2,000 to 2,100 metres above sea level, boasting beautiful subalpine and alpine meadows where it is also possible to camp.

Zubi Village

Your adventure eventually ends at the village of Zubi, which is located 30 kilometres from the Askhi Massif. The village is famous for a rare variety of Georgian red wine grapes: Usakhelouri. Why not celebrate your successful hike with a glass?

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