Lekhtagi Virgin Mary Church

Lekhtagi Virgin Mary Church

The 14th-15th-century Lekhtagi Virgin Mary Church, also known as Lekhtagi Lamaria, is located in the heart of Svaneti, a region famous for its outstanding natural beauty and medieval art.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

The Architecture of Lekhtagi Virgin Mary Church

This two-story building stands atop a foundation that is believed to be very old, potentially even preceding the birth of Christ. The later structure is composed of a first floor made up of three storerooms, with the church proper above. The entrance to the church faces east, while the interior is housed under a vaulted roof.

The Frescos of Lekhtagi Virgin Mary Church

Fragments of 15th-century paintings of historical evidence are preserved in the church. The frescoes and lime on the upper part of the church have fallen down, but on the second panel of the altar, Mary, the Mother of God, is still clearly depicted as holding the baby Jesus and being praised by angels. Below the fresco of the Virgin Mary, you will see frescoes of Demetre Chartolani, the commissioner of the church, and the family of Pirnateli Japaridze. 

In spite of the damage the church has sustained over the centuries, it has it's charm and value, and remains a popular tourist attraction.

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