Lopota Lake Resort

Lopota Lake Resort

The Lopota Lake Resort recreation complex is built on 60 hectares around the beautiful lake Lopota, and is surrounded by the Caucasus mountains.

What does Lopota Spa Resort have to offer?

Lopota is located in the Kakheti region, 23 kilometers away from the center of Telavi.

The resort is ideal for a romantic getaway, spending a day on your own, and a relaxing holiday with friends and family.

The recreational complex area has high-class accommodation in hotel rooms and cottages, indoor and outdoor pools, saunas and jacuzzis, a fitness center, upscale restaurants, open bungalows and bars, basketball and handball courts, a fishing area, stables, the Lopota forest spa, and fantastic Chateau Buera winery.

Lopota Lake Resort hosts guests all year round.

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