Lukhi-Okrostskali Lakes

Situated on the eastern slope of the Khojali ridge, where Svaneti and Abkhazia meet, the two Okrostskali lakes seem to stare up at you. Although getting to them is challenging, the extraordinary scenery makes it highly rewarding.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

The road to the great Okrostskali lake

To get to the lakes, first drive to Lukhi village in Mestia municipality. From there, the lakes are 25 km away, but you have to take an SUV until you reach the footpath, which descends into the forest. As you walk, you will come across some old, abandoned trains. Take the path for 1 km through the forest, then you will come out into a field covered with tall grass, where you will see an old summer hut.

Cross the river Ormeleti and you will come to a path that goes uphill towards the forest. The trees here have inscriptions from many years ago. Then you will find yourself on a wide field surrounded by rocks, where you will see a waterfall. The waterfall is formed by the river Okrostskali, which falls down from a height of 400 meters.

At this stage, the most difficult part of the trip begins. Take the steep path on the left side of the waterfall, which leads to the lakes – and watch out for the rocks! As you walk, the emerald water of the lake surrounded by snowy and grassy mountains will gradually emerge from the mist in all its beauty.

The road to the smaller Okrostskali lake 

The road from the big lake of Okroskali to the small lake is more dangerous. After crossing a narrow ridge and ascending the steep slope of the rocky Ergzashiri mountain pass, you will find yourself at the occupation line, from where you can see Abkhazia and, in good weather, the sea. One more ascent and you are at the smaller Okrovskali lake.

You should only take this trip with an experienced guide.

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