Machakhela National Park

Machakhela National Park

When you’re lying on one of Batumi’s beaches and working on your tan, you might find your eyes drawn away from the calm of the Black Sea to the towering mountains covered in their lush, green forests. Curiosity may then draw your gaze towards the valleys nestled between these massive peaks and you’ll think, I wonder what is going on out there?

If you pursue this question, you won’t regret it, as you’ll find a treasure trove of natural and historical sights in Machakhela National Park, just twenty kilometres from Batumi.

Inside the park are the Chkutuneti Waterfall, the Upper Chkhutuneti Historical & Ethnographic Museum with its displays of historical relics, Gvara Fortress with its fantastic view, the Machakhela Rifle Monument, suspension bridges, bunkers from the Second World War, an arched bridge from the 12th century, Karimana Waterfall, and more!

In October, the park plays host to a folk festival called Machakheloba, which celebrates this beautiful region of Georgia with a market selling local produce and handicrafts, music, dance, and sporting events.

You can reach Machakhela National Park from Batumi by bus, taxi, or car, so why not take a day away from the beach and head up into the mountains for a different kind of experience?

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