The Maghalaant Church Complex

The Maghalaant Church Complex

The Maghalaant Church Complex is located two and a half kilometers away from the village of Tsinarekhi in Shida Kartli Region. It is considered to be one of the most outstanding architectural monuments in Georgia due to its artistic value.
Shida Kartli

The History of the Maghalaant Church Complex

The Maghalaant Church Complex was built and maintained in the Middle Ages by the Maghaladzes (Maghalashvilis), a well-placed feudal family. The family was close to the royal court and the religious leaders, actively participating in political life in what was then the kingdom of Kartli. The name of the monument is connected to their family name.

The Maghaladzes became especially powerful in the second half of the 17th century. It was at this time that the wall surrounding Maghalaant Church, its towers, and other buildings were constructed.

The Architecture of the Maghalaant Church Complex

The complex is composed of a number of buildings: the Maghalaant Church, the Solomon Maghaladze Bell Tower, the Papua Maghaladze Bell Tower/Ossuary, the upper tower (Papua Maghaladze Tower), a pharmacy, the wall, and the remnants of other buildings.

Maghalaant Church is the main building of the 13th-century Betlemi Mother of God Complex. The church has light, harmonious, graceful proportions, and was decorated with masterfully done artwork. The two layers of painting preserved in Maghalaant Church are severely damaged, but they still leave a great impression on anyone who sees them, even today.


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