Margiani House Museum

Margiani House Museum

From the roaring rivers in the valleys to mountains reaching the sky, and proudly standing Svan towers, Svaneti has many incredible sites to explore. The Svans used the towers as part of their residential homes and shelters during the enemy invasion.
Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti

What does Margiani House Museum offer to visitors?

Margiani House Museum is one of the most popular and interesting sights of Mestia, so don't miss a chance to pay a visit to this remarkable sight.

The powerful Margiani family originally owned eight towers, but only four survived.

You can still see a basement and a cellar, where they kept vodka jugs, wine, and clay pots full of honey. The food was stored in the cellar in the fall so a large family could survive the harsh Svaneti winters. Wheat and other dry foods were stored in boxes in the tower’s pantry.

The living room had a special chair for the elder of the family, Makhvshi. The head of the family or honored guests were the only ones who could sit on this chair.

Dive into the ancient history and culture of Mestia in the Svaneti region, once traveling to Georgia.

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